Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are not responsible for any data (ex. photo) loss, and we will never ask for your password directly or indirectly so don’t give it to anyone that asks for it! Behave responsibly because your account is your responsibility, not ours!

Remember that those you talk to are other people therefore swearing and offensive language directed towards others will not be accepted! If we found that happening we will ban you no matter what!

Racism of any kind will not be tolerated! If you do that a Ban IP will take place together with a ban account!

Offensive language directed towards the admins of this site is illegal and punishable by a ban of your mac address so don’t do that! Don’t even try to do that, we will not tolerate it and you will get banned! Respect us and we will respect you!

Remember that being a part of our community is a privilege, not a right and we can take it away whenever we feel that you do not respect the management or your fellow users! So behave as you would expect others to behave towards you!

Creating an account means you accept these rules and regulations so it is your responsibility to read them because we will assume that you did and act accordingly! Any offense is punishable and you will be penalized accordingly!

Any offensive language directed towards you should be reported so we can act immediately because the safety of our users is the first in line for us! And please if some offensive language is directed towards you, save a proof of that because we can’t ban on a “he says, she says” basis and we don’t want you to wait 2 weeks until some action is taken!

The nature of your photos are none of our business and their content does not concern us directly so do not complain about the content of the photos being too explicit! Everybody is responsible for their own photos and we don’t take responsibility in any legal actions! You decide what you show we won’t censor your freedom of expression!

And last but not least have fun, promote a healthy chat environment and party as much as possible because as a matter of fact that’s why you are here! Have a great time and let the fun begin!